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Son of Scoregasm Update 4 Released
Son of Scoregasm has just been updated! This update fixes a few bugs and also add a whole new set of medals for expert mode. Can you win them all???? Cheers Cha...
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Son of Scoregasm Update 3 now available
Update 3 for Son of Scoregasm is now live on itch! This update fixes a number of issues you were having, and adds a new score verbosity feature whic hyou can tu...
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Son of Scoregasm Update 2 now available
I've just made update 2 live. This update makes some changes to the way levels are unlocked and makes the difficulty setting more obvious. When you complete a l...
Update 1 released
Hey, I've just push an update to Son of Scoregasm which should hopefully fix a few issues that have been reported, such as: Impostor ship disabled in tutorial r...
Son of Scoregasm OUT NOW!
Son of Scoregasm is finally out! Get you copy here on (it's the best)...
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